The Magic City.
Unbelievably Good.

Grow and scale your tech company in Birmingham

Here is a chance to expand your creation in a city that’s thriving. Be it the growing opportunities for collaboration or the innovative tech industry — this is where talent is incredible and where you can take your funding further.

This is where important things are happening everyday. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Guide to Birmingham’s Tech Startup Community: Accelerator and Incubator Programs

Want to learn more about the accelerators and incubator programs in Birmingham’s tech startup community? Start here.

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Startup Spotlight: SynsorMed

SynsorMed’s success in Birmingham is a nod to the impressive growth of our health tech sector over the last few years.

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Five key takeaways from our conversation with startup community experts, Chris Moody and Brad Feld

Britney Summerville, Chris Moody, and Brad Feld discussed the essential elements of a vibrant startup community like Birmingham.

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Innovation has a permanent address

State and local incentives, funding access, and multiple local incubators make progress easy.


more affordable workforce

On average than the top 100 metros in tech talent.


per square foot

Average full service cost for office space in the city center.


Cost of Living in Southeast

At 90% of the national average, enjoy incredible quality of life at only a fraction of the cost.

21.5 min

average commute during rush hour

Nothing is more valuable than your time. Birmingham's short commute gives you your time back.

A dollar stretches further in Birmingham than it does in any other metro area in the U.S.


A culinary destination above the rest.

5 award-winning craft breweries, GQ magazine’s top bar, 4 James Beard awards, recently rated Zagat’s #1 hot food city.