Inclusivity in Birmingham’s Tech Ecosystem

The Magic City is not just redefining itself based on innovation; it is reshaping its identity around inclusiveness, creating a tech ecosystem that welcomes all voices and champions with diversity at its core. Here, inclusivity is more than a catchphrase—it’s a cornerstone. Businesses such as Moxi, Brightpay, and Oma Health exemplify this ethos, paving the way for minority and women-owned
companies to flourish. Welcome to Birmingham, where diversity fuels innovation, and every idea has the power to change the world.

Redefining Childcare with Innovation and Heart
Moxi, a trailblazing childcare solution founded by visionary Birmingham entrepreneur Cori Fain-Forrest, is at the forefront of reshaping how families access childcare. Fain-Forrest, a former childcare worker herself, saw the growing childcare crisis from both ends of the spectrum when expecting her first child The wait lists for childcare in Birmingham were shocking – months upon months spent on waitlists with no guarantee of admission—while the need for childcare was persistent and essential. From there, an innovative idea was born: flexible care booked on demand. Moxi’s app allows parents to book full-time and on-demand care by the day, month, or year at modern, high-quality childcare centers. Not only are families rewarded with flexible childcare, but Moxi’s caregivers and teachers earn increased wages as well, combating the staff recruitment and retention issues plaguing the childcare industry. With a mission to revolutionize an industry that impacts countless lives daily, Moxi embodies the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment. By leveraging technology to enhance childcare experiences, Moxi is not just a business; it’s a beacon of hope for families seeking modern solutions with a personal touch.

Transforming Healthcare Payment Experiences
Another shining star in Birmingham’s tech constellation is Brightpay Health, an essential mobile medical payment application. CEO Shielvonda Haith wants to address a serious issue in the healthcare industry: surprising treatment costs that patients thought were covered in their healthcare plans. By utilizing Brightpay’s platform, patients gain easy access to care with transparent pricing meant to eliminate any seemingly hidden expenses. Prioritizing customer wellbeing to the underserved, elderly, and even the freelance community means Brightpay is not just revolutionizing healthcare payments but also setting a standard for ethical and inclusive tech practices.

Empowering Black Women’s Health
OMA Health is a pioneer in Birmingham’s tech community and is leading the charge to disrupt the status quo of healthcare for Black women by providing access to services that are as culturally rich as they are clinically robust. OMA offers a comprehensive platform featuring educational resources, culturally competent healthcare providers, and a supportive community tailored specifically for Black women. This venture highlights the potential of technology to address healthcare disparities and foster wellness within marginalized communities at scale. CEO Khaylah Epps is dedicated to providing personalized, culturally attuned care to a demographic long overlooked and underserved by traditional medical systems. Through customized solutions and community involvement, OMA Health is not only reshaping healthcare but also advancing diversity and equity in the tech sector.

In Birmingham, Inclusivity Is Important
Birmingham’s tech community is not just about startups; it’s about fostering a culture of inclusivity where diverse voices are not only heard but also celebrated. From supporting minority founders to championing women-led initiatives, Birmingham offers a caring environment where innovation knows no bounds. Businesses like Moxi, Brightpay, and Oma Health embody this spirit of diversity and
community engagement, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable tech ecosystem. As the old saying goes, “It’s nice to have you in Birmingham,” where the future looks bright for all entrepreneurs ready to make their mark on the world stage.

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