SEQUENSE x Birmingham Bound

Sequense: A Birmingham Bound Success Story

Birmingham Bound is an exciting, multifaceted initiative designed to foster the growth of the tech ecosystem and startup community in Birmingham, Alabama. The enterprise supports promising tech company seeds, promotes these businesses within specific sectors, and showcases Birmingham as an attractive destination for startups. This collaborative effort involves tech entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals working towards the common goal of elevating Birmingham’s tech and startup landscape.

One such example of Birmingham Bound’s startup support and assistance involves Sequense, a software company providing a project management tool for independent and enterprise-scale travel advisors. Their automation helps to streamline business processes in this sector, creating efficiency and increasing profitability. Through Birmingham Bound’s recruitment efforts and the Alabama Future’s Fund (AFF) recent investment, Sequense chose Birmingham as home base in September 2023.  

Sequense Sees an Opportunity

With an energetic ecosystem for tech startups that provides both community encouragement and a willing workforce, Birmingham has a skilled sector ready to fulfill a new company’s hiring needs. Birmingham Bound, along with AFF, used this momentum to bring Sequense into the growing network of startups in the city. 

Kimber Falkinburg, co-founder and CEO of Sequense, notes a chance meeting through TechStars in Austin when Sequense held initial discussions about funding and investment. While having serious talks with a venture capital firm in Indiana, Falkinburg began looking at both professional and personal aspects of what the move would entail. These considerations led to further in-network talks about the potential decision and what work and life would look like in Indiana. It was then that she was introduced Maria Underwood, President of Birmingham Bound, who was in Austin for SXSW. Falkinburg recalls, “Maria was hosting a breakfast there and said, ‘If you’re not sold on Indiana, would you consider coming to Birmingham? I promise it’ll be worth it just for you to come check it out.’” Underwood’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and desire to coordinate a meaningful Birmingham visit drew Falkinburg and her team to the city. 

Magic City Support 

Upon arrival for her visit to the Magic City, Falkinburg found that Birmingham could offer more than she’d imagined and that Birmingham Bound’s support of startups meant being knowledgeable, seasoned, and committed to getting new tech businesses off the ground. Another supportive aspect was the fact that Birmingham was already home to several successful women-led startups. Falkinburg notes, “The other female founders in the tech ecosystem here felt like a good sign.” The welcoming nature of the Magic City tech scene that encourages female leadership and inclusivity went a long way in showing how Birmingham could be home.

Birmingham Allows for Optimal Quality of Life

Another aspect essential in convincing Sequense to make a move was the high quality of life and low cost of living afforded to residents in the area. Being in Birmingham means a better work and life balance, shorter commute times than comparable cities, and an abundance of things to do (both indoors and outdoors). The city also offers plenty of business necessities essential to a travel-related field, such as widely available direct flights to a variety of places. Additionally, office space is affordable, there are many fantastic meeting places for food and drinks with clients, and multiple resources are mere steps away from the city center. Falkinburg also speaks of accessibility and the importance of getting away from a 24/7 grind, explaining how it is key to her personal well-being. “I take my dog to Dogs Day Out, just a few blocks over from Innovation Depot where we’re based. It’s affordable and close—which is something you don’t have in every city,” she says. “I have also loved the Rotary Trail downtown. I can go walk on the trails right after work.” Now that Sequense is headquartered in Birmingham, Falkinburg’s comfort and happiness with her new home bring a better quality of life and an easier path to maintaining peace of mind and a successful startup. 

Forward Progress Meets Southern Charm

Ultimately, while the city’s amenities and work/life advantages seem endless, Birmingham’s strength is built on more than just location and cost. Here, Falkinburg is tapping into what she sees as a wellspring of potential. “We’re becoming immersed in a community fostering local talent and innovation, which means an ideal environment for our growth. At Sequense, we’re not just building a business—we’re committed to uplifting both the company and the entire Birmingham community.” 

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