Startup Spotlight: SynsorMed

SynsorMed’s Founder and CEO, Theo Harvey.

It’s been less than a year since telehealth platform company, SynsorMed, visited Birmingham for the first time. Their first visit was in October 2019 when they met with Alabama Futures Fund (AFF) and Birmingham Bound to learn more about our startup community and discuss what a potential relocation from Atlanta to Birmingham could look like.

SynsorMed connects healthcare professionals and patients through video and remote monitoring. They’re now headquartered in Birmingham after receiving an investment from AFF, they have several connections with local healthcare partners such as BioAlabama, and are a key member of the SOSCouncil. As a member of the SOSCouncil, they are using their software to build surveys and drive the mission of the Charles Barkley Foundation to combat health disparities in the Black community due to coronavirus. This fantastic partnership with the foundation was made possible by their new connections in Birmingham. 

In addition to befriending Charles Barkley, Theo Harvey, CEO of SynsorMed, says that these past few months in Birmingham have lived up to his expectations. Harvey commented, “I’ve been most impressed with the access to partnerships and how welcoming the ecosystem has been. This community has stayed strong despite a very difficult time.” Harvey said their customer numbers have exploded, and he believes the telehealth industry will be one of the strongest to emerge from COVID-19 now that people have had more practice connecting with healthcare providers at home.

Harvey sees SynsorMed’s future in Birmingham including a thriving office downtown with an expanded customer service team, connections to customers across Georgia and Florida, and a reputation for being one of the strongest healthcare brands in Birmingham alongside Therapy Brands and Pack Health.

Harvey is excited for the potential for more tech talent to move to Birmingham given the recent trend of tech workers leaving coastal cities such as San Francisco and NYC. He hopes more people will see that working anywhere is possible. Harvey admits he didn’t always have an open attitude about Alabama, but the people he met in Birmingham created opportunity for his company, showed the real value our community has to offer and delivered on it.

SynsorMed’s success in Birmingham is a nod to the impressive growth of our health tech sector over the last few years. Given COVID-19 and the national spotlight on the importance of healthcare innovation, we have a renewed opportunity to capitalize on our strong healthcare community and recruit more health tech companies to Birmingham like SynsorMed.

SynsorMed’s patient monitoring platform.

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