The LocAL Series: Immediate and Pack Health

This is part one of three of our LocAL series showcasing successful partnerships between Birmingham companies and startups.

There is a fantastic and largely untapped opportunity for Birmingham companies to advance their technology by working with impressive startups in their own backyard.

Given Birmingham’s tight-knit, supportive business community, local partnerships have many mutual benefits: Startups gain customer traction and credibility, while customer companies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and support innovation in their home community. Together, Birmingham Bound and Endeavor are working on a project called LocAL to create a culture where established companies are more eager to do business with local startups. Successful partnerships not only provide a win for both companies, but further position Birmingham as an exceptional place to do business.

Immediate and Pack Health are two Birmingham companies leading the way in local partnerships. In May, Pack Health began using Immediate’s technology to provide early access pay to their employees. Lisa Ball from Pack Health helped make this partnership happen after being introduced to Matt Pierce from Immediate. Ball commented that “Pack Health is excited to partner with Immediate to offer our employees the ability to access their paycheck early if they need, without the exorbitant fees some other options may charge. With everything that is happening in the world, it is nice to give our employees peace of mind that if they have an emergency, or an unexpected expense, we have a solution for them. We went live with Immediate a short time ago and many of our employees are already seeing its benefits.” Ball went on to say, “An additional bonus to our partnership with Immediate is being able to support a Birmingham tech startup. Immediate provides timely and accurate information showing how their service is directly benefiting our employees.”

Immediate’s Ann Dyer said, “It is a humbling feeling to not only be able to support our customers during this critical time, but more so support the Birmingham community.”

We can all work to make Birmingham a place that is supportive of startups and innovation, where companies know they’ll be able to grow and be uplifted by the surrounding business community. 

Next in our series, we’ll feature another pair of Birmingham companies, Linq and Bayer Properties, who partnered together earlier this year to change Bayer’s business cards to be virtual.

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